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#GPOY #WorkLife sorry I keep missing ya’ll!

#GPOY on the tram with my ripped shorts.

Or better yet; this scene from AmericanBeauty, but replace the roses petals with bacon. That’s what I want.

ha hahahaha. Speaking of those apps: here’s one from yesterday. I’m blue obvs

work spirit animal:

Related; this image makes me think of both & . #FashionGays

That face palm moment when the inventory support team enter the new product into your POS as

saw this; thought of you.

Whilst watching Bob Katter on #QANDA this evening; this is all I can think about. #fb

I think it's pretty close label wise!

Oh hey. So this is happening in 32hrs..... #UltraViolet

Hi, it actually occurs with all providers in the app (attchd). If activate wi-fi however, providers update.

not the greatest pic ever but they're just going in the oven. They smell fantastic

also, saw this; thought of you. #HumanaHumanaHumana

Ok. Suited up. Also have had 4-6 beers.

here you go girls.

I've actually painted my nails in spirit and hope of being there you baby cakes!!!

my future ASOS husbands.

my future ASOS husbands.