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Cinnamon Donuts for donner: bad parenting 101

Literally not a cloud in the sky. It's as un-Withnail-ian as you could get, despite there being nothing down my trousers for you!

Thankfully it's also beer o'clock in Bright too

Morning all from sunny Harrietville

Good Bolly! It's time for a party

Cute Alert! We got a dog-to-be ( @ 8 weeks, she's not yet a dog)

Apparently this is the Toy of the Year for 2012. FFS!?!

Enough lollies in our pantry to cause Rosemary Stanton or Michelle Bridges a stroke

So much better than Corn Flakes #crabapplekitchen

I may be wrong, but these Clarks' DBs scream #TimRogers to me (& 50% off)

Cut my finger yesterday. It sealed up nicely then I put a knife IN THE SAME CUT. Time to take a break methinks.

In storage for 35 years and, in the opinion of the 12 year old, more fun than the iPad #oldschool

We made doughnuts and filled half with Nutellaamd half with jam. Mmmmmm

The very generous #RogerFederer has a brush with fame

Certainly not offering instruction in punctuation...

My lunch was VERY tasty

#womw 60's Tissot Camping automatic on Bond NATO

I know it's a wedding car but it IS a #daimler for those #classiccar spotters

I known it's just a stack of paper napkins but I get a buzz every time I open this drawer

#womw Seiko Sea-Urchin (display shown using legacy photo file & recycled pixels)

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