Senior Animator on Skullgirls, previously animated on Scott Pilgrim the game. Has pet many dogs, not so many cats.

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The creator of #skullgirls was actually a horse all along

Here's a picture of my work desk circa January 2012 #skullgirls

Psy, please...

Man Salty Cupcakes is so crazy popular lately! This is the regular turnout! #skullgirls

I finally beat him! #ahogechan

Little Witch Macademia

George's lunch out #skullgirls

I have a secret I've been hiding under my skin

I actually have his artbook too. I was a little disappointed it was so messy but I dunno what I was expecting

This girl's got good style #ahogechan

It was from a 3 pg omake comic in the back of vol 7. Saddest Hime (until she's rescued in the newest chapter). I guess the others are still screwed though

preorder what?

Speaking of Yu Suzuki games, everyone should download the Space Harrier theme w/ vocals by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi for $1 on iTunes

Never have I had such profound thoughts about fried shrimp. Thank you, #ahogechan

this one is totally you #ahogechan

Just had a shocking realization about potential #Skullgirls DLC character Hive

Slight #ahogechan spoilers but I laughed at the Resident Evil ref also I just found the cosplay option in Options! lol

Vibrators at the pharmacy, aisle 4

We've reached $600,000+!!! Thanks everyone!!!!!! #skullgirls #whiteboardwednesday

Doctor Ahoge's device reminds me of a PC Engine. Also Super Ahoge Theory... #ahogechan