Warped by incurable chronic illness & isolation, our heroine survives on dark wit and internet connection alone. Reader, geek, unapologetic heathen.

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The kids are spooning again:

Apparently Barbie is now dating Justin Bieber

This is what I'm confronted with every time I'm eating:

I shall keep posting these pics of my dog until you all start tweeting faster & more amusingly

I'm bored. Here's another picture of my dog

But here's a cute picture of my dog:

Is this not the most adorable little table ever?

And the rest of my Awareness Day Outfit:

Blue for MECFS & purple for fibro!

here's my bear ass

Just tried to put this lid on this bottle: Bit of a brain fart, ya think?

The best way to peel an orange is to have someone else do it. Barring that, use one of these:


Daisy resentfully watching mommy eat honeydew melon:

Proud owner of Wii Fit Plus. With this cool silicone board cover:

Here's Mii:

Happy Daisy after another long walk - that's 3 long ones this week!

Our local Victoria Park swans - they come back every year. For

My mommy bought me this bunny today for $3. I call him Floppy.

My nephew Eric & his mom: