Warped by incurable chronic illness & isolation, our heroine survives on dark wit and internet connection alone. Reader, geek, unapologetic heathen.

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kittehs win the gold medal for best use of the Internet

that sucks. Here's another one

yikes that's an unfortunate situation :( Here, have a kitteh:

:( it's not much but here's an emergency kitteh

Here is a picture of an adorable kitty in a cute hat.

Here's another example, blur-tastic

This is what my online streaming Olympic coverage looks like:

I have a headache.

Oh hai!

Yay! Guess what I'm doing later?

I made it, but I can't eat it.

When I saw these at the store I was so excited I nearly squeed. #nerdalert

Daisy is chillaxin'

Something went right on #birthdaypocalypse: we found a sushi place with a patio! (it's on the other side)

Yet another picture of Daisy being cute. She just won't stop!

One of these mammals is named Dave. Kitchener Blues Festival

Oh my dog, getting a haircut today was exhausting!

Wierdest strawberry evar!


OK seriously. Anyone who can coexist in the same world as this and still remain thin is a fucking hero.

here's the terrifying beast: