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I have more followers than friends, I drink too much tea, and spend way too much of my time fangirling over 5 idiots. 0/5 is a hard life.

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My cat is such a retard

This is beautiful, in no way do I ship Larry as a romance but this is so beautiful. I'm crying

You're hot

Sometimes I wonder why Harry is so hot and then I'm like well cuz it Harry

It's snowing in England, meanwhile in Australia we are dying of heat partly because of fires.

Look at the alarm clock my grandma got me for Christmas. 

Aww Niall 

Lord, help me

Aww, he's so adorable I want to cuddle him

I can't, I am so done right now,
He is wearing Niall's SnapBack kill me now

Okay this isn't even funny, marry me right now. You are such a gentleman, I love you 

Are you kidding me?
Its called Kiss YOU.

Oh my god his feet though, I can't breathe 

Al Fetus Zayn

'and the tears stream down my face'

This isn't funny Harry

Just been doing some research on Haylor so here is my new opinion on it, hate me all you like.

Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie together is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, oh my god 