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The first Horde-Slytherin-DisneyPrincess-Avenger-PokemonMaster-JediKnight-Champion-Slayer-Valkyrie-Nerd-Extraordinaire.

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thanks. I'm just leveling up my White Team after having beaten the elite 4. :)

My mama brought my me alien to cuddle. :') #ToyStory

awww too cute. I actually collect Charmanders & Charizards. They are my babies. :) Also, Uglydolls

Day two in the hospital. Not feeling all that great this morning& idk what tests and treatments they haw planned

Here I am, chilling in the hospital. Boosh. Looking better than I have in days

I might feel horrible, but I has my green lantern mask, finally!

This is me right now. Pokemon pajamas, puppies all over me, fan blowing on me. About to take a nap. #peaceout

You are all allowed to be jealous. #HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallowsPart2 tickets!!!!

nice! Predator. I need to recolor my hair. Rocking Leia buns at the moment. :)

Drawing Boba Fett doing what he does best. :)

here I am with my wiener Wesker. He's my baby. <3


his flamethrower is on the wrong arm so I kinda wanna just give up on life now

My lunch. Monster, cheese, and curly fries. Jealous?? :)

I never finish anything I start, so here is a new sketch/idea. PLACE YOUR BETS!! #Alien

To catch a Predator. :P

Working on my Predator and Boba Fett drawing again. :)

Quick, you have 1 minute, grab your stuff and snap a picture! This is what I nabbed in 1 minute's time