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Author, journalist, feminist, reprobate, gentlewoman of fortune. Contributing Editor, @Newstatesman. Writer - @newinquiry, @guardian, @ViceUK. Tea and sedition.

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This is the bomb threat I just received.

  • 1215 days ago via site
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New profile pic for blog #pmqs

  • 1374 days ago via site
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Evidence of my once having had a mohawk, for .

  • 1409 days ago via site
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Me and my sisters in matching Christmas pyjamas. At least two of us have overdone the sugar in this pic.

  • 1437 days ago via site
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DON'T STEAL MY CHRISTMAS KALE. This is the most Brooklyn thing ever, in the history of ever.

  • 1443 days ago via site
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I've been off Twitter for 24h, travelling in time and space with (mega #whogasm here)....#drwho

  • 1454 days ago via site
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Residual body art from yesterday's Sekrit Feminist Art Photoshoot *grin*

  • 1464 days ago via site
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BOO. #feministhalloween

  • 1493 days ago via site
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This is the Anarchist Lesbian Mod look. Jacket by Charity Shop. Badge by Solfed. Thousand-yard-stare by Writing.

  • 1577 days ago via site
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Kristen Stewart does not care about your bourgeois morality. Via . Everyone leave her alone.

  • 1590 days ago via site
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Home hairdye night. Appear to have finally achieved the personal style of a thirteen year old boy from the future.

  • 1593 days ago via site
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Here's a detail from part of it. On reflection, I was rather a bleak teenager.

  • 1617 days ago via site
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Trigger warning: this is the sick fantasy Richard White aka 'Ricardo' wrote on a hate site about me just now...

  • 1618 days ago via site
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In revenge, I apparently stole David Starkey's boyfriend (links to screenshot, not the Daily Mail).

  • 1622 days ago via site
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This, in response to requests, was the pink buzz cut, circa 2007. Oxford wasn't all drinking clubs and Eton collars, yknow. #oxgoth

  • 1645 days ago via site
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'deAR mS LeNNOX. IF you EVER WANT 2 sEE yOUR haIR agAIN senD A MILLION pouNDS tO THE hOVeL BY THUrsday.'

  • 1646 days ago via site
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To be honest, an anonymous artist at PostSecret put the #gaymarriage issue best some time ago...

  • 1670 days ago via site
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And now, for any saturday stress: here is a picture of a baby platypus finishing its milk (via )

  • 1679 days ago via site
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I finally tried Kombucha to see if it was nice or nasty. It's nasty. Tastes like it's been left behind a radiator.

  • 1689 days ago via site
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Since we're on the subject of beauty and performativity, here's me auditioning for Drag Race in my TV makeup.

  • 1694 days ago via site
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