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Look what came in the mail! #kingoflimbs #radiohead

Not bad for a sick day. #itissoniceoutside

Home run territory tonight. #phils

Hardened cheese I had to scrape off fries. Solidified while the place took 20 DAMN minutes to make a milkshake. #sad

Got a new lawn mower today. Serious business. Total time on old mower: 180 minutes. New total <70 minutes. #awesome

About to break this out and set up shop on my deck. Its summer, right?

Made my own cappuccino this morning. #backoncaffeine

Just queued up. So excited.

Look what showed up in the mail today. #fivemonthslater

One season left. #TheWire

Hard to tell, but that is a piece of Easter Candy. My roommate hid them all over the apartment. #oneyearagotoday

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Easter Sunday with my family. Definitely made more interesting with out newest members. #oneyearagotoday

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Let's go Phils!

Picked up my first legit suit today with my dad. #oneyearagotoday

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Opening day! Let's go phils! #worldseriesorbust

Penn station, once more - heading home for the weekend. #oneyearagotoday

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Field trip canceled on account of the rain. Of course it took a walk in that rain to find out. :( #oneyearagotoday

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Yep. Not weird at all. #wifi #septa

Did you fill out your census yet? I just found out that I have to since I have my own place. #oneyearagotoday

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Went to Borders tonight to pick up the next Walking Dead book. Look what was sitting on the floor #oneyearagotoday

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