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The Yankees put our household to sleep.

I love the way the label is trying to make this look classy.

Could you shuffle in front of a grandstand of 288 spectators? St Pete shuffle is awesome!! Thanks !

Shirtless, tattooed guys on horses outside the ballpark. Overheard kid comment: Gangsters got a new ride?

Zooperstars will be here too!

What's in store for this? Stay tuned!

Was nervous about starting classes until I saw this on the way into the parking lot.

Getting old isn't always fun

Legs are the newest addition to "crap found in our yard" collection

Problem: My jewelry box would no longer close. Result? No more tangled necklaces - yay!

Walking with Mad this morning & was excited to see a neighbor growing these!

New Marlins stadium under construction.

Leaving Arequipa, my favorite city in Peru, after only one and a half days!

Viva Sudamerica!

Spent the day wandering Arequipa, by far the prettiest city in Peru. Saw a protest in the plaza & toured convent

You can just see the snow-capped peaks of Bolivia from Isla Taquile in Lake Titicaca.

Puno is brown & depressing during the day. Once the sun sets the city comes to life. Best food so far

Floating reed islands on Lake Titicaca. Natives live in reed houses and fish from reed boats. Really amazing

Cusco is covered in Inca empire flags. I like to pretend I'm in a gay pride wonderland (too much machismo, sadly)

The parade started early in the morning & the party has just begun! Eating, drinking, & dancing in the streets