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Alligator? Where? I don't see an alligator anywhere (thanks for the *great* pic)

Yuck. It's a Masters jacket on our kitchen wall. Back to the store...

What color to paint a kitchen decorated in vintage Florida memorabilia? Finding the right shade is proving a challenge

I just want to pick all of these and fry them up right now! Patience can be hard sometimes.

It is definitely hot enough to roll in the grass tonight!

It's time to can some jam & bake some pies!

Master gardener plant sale turned out a decent haul for our yard -- and we only spent $14!

First sunsweet finally ready. It was delicious.

You're the best! This place is awesome. I have a shower appt at 10. Thank you!

Father Michael's church had the best/most disturbing religious damnation art I've ever seen.

Father Michael took us to lunch, up the mountain for stunning vistas, & even to stand on the equator.

Met a priest on the bus to Otavalo who invited us to tour his church & town. Even went on the roof & up the bell tower!

Met a priest on a bus on the way to Otavalo. He invited us to tour his church & town. This was taken on church roof.

Stayed in a bamboo treehouse in the rainforest last night. Promise not to bore you with copious flower pics!

Loving the art in Quito. An interesting take on the Last Supper.

Preparing to fly to Quito. No worries on this trip -- I have a wise guide tagging along.

Turns out it's a gorgeous day on the water!

Got a special delivery of my favorite flowers today -- handpicked!

Tonight's dinner party dessert is genius.

Finals are over, so it's time to start a new project. Beautiful day for sewing!