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Exit poll discrepancies from recorded vote: overwhelmingly 1-sided in favor of the GOP

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An icon @ ""Lever Bros" House" to #Labor's Activist's " #rat " -
shaming balloon - tongue-in-cheek, #scoundrels

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#toshiseeger RIP #peteseeger wrote this song 4 wife Toshi

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  • 147 Happy Day of the Dark Moon "Minerva" twins. Eye of #Horus Warror goddess' with Owl faces

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"Salutations and Salutations to the Lord of all Beings" "May the Great God protect us from the little demons running wild on this Earth"

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  • 249 - Across the street from the Corporate Headquarters of the NYTimes on 7th ave. Located at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. "WE don't just cover it. WE are it." New York Times slogan. They are in your face.

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  • 86 "people interest" ignores reasoned discourse /substitutes in #fakenews

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Summer Time & #beetle visits my sleeve on "L" train. Tiger Beetle? #Coleoptera #Coleopterist

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Acrimonyms #nsa #cia #jfk #mlk #rfk #fbi #nwo Secrets in Plain Sight [ Site] #mystery

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Crop Circle Connector #turing #isis solstice crop circle

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solstice #cropcircle 2013 "We meditate on the adorable glory of the radiant sun; may he inspire our intelligence."

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#churchofstopshopping ""We meditate on the effulgent glory of the divine Light; may s/he inspire our understanding."

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Holy Gayatri Mantra

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Yesterday eves Fortuna get-together Fortuitously [by accident] #sync happened on June 24th, day of her festival

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14 yrs ago Will Hunting Spying isn't even secret 'Cept if you believe Bullshit "NEWS"

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Come on. What is that? Talk bout #aliens Right "under our nose" in plant kingdom. What is the name of this? #gardening

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Order of the World/ not #nwo Things stay the same for 100 yrs! :Demonizing truth tellers, hate & playing off sides

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#Manhattanhenge view, by accident. 3rd time by accident #Sun blew out my instrument but Eye of the Day was huge looking & all red #sundown

#centralpark #racoon #freegan #upperwest #nyc having his/her bag dinner non -plussed

#Lincoln was said to kill little babies just as does #Obama Another resonance between the two. Amazing #history

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