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DEW puts me in mind of "Future Combat Systems" and "Full Spectrum Domination" #FCS #FSD

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Premeditated assault?! The officer stood behind her! How does that "fly" y'all? They'd get u 2 think the sky was green, if they told u so. #Justice4Cecily

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Second part of article from " #Caribbean Today " Psy - op on political opponent wherein Rooster beheaded w/ sticks placed under her window.

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Article on Rooster #santeria curse made on political opponent Gwen Goodman 4 seat as Dem candidate District 8 NYC

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NYC Politician, fighting to represent Dst 8 , spooks opponent Gwen Goodwin: Santeria Rooster below her Apt. window

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Rare family photo #woodyallen shows Soon Yi behind Dad, hand holding children photos hugging wife

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Something going on today? Sync Forum crashes after I post letter showing James Earl Ray received 500$ contingent upon a guilty plea.

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  • 196 should not have called #WoodyAllen a #monster. that was wrong and I take it back

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That's why we called it the 'Lies of the Times" and the "New York Lies"

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"Foreign observers, many more familiar than Americans with Dulles’s history in assassination plots and the overthrow of governments, wondered at the former CIA director’s possible involvement in the murder of the man who had fired him and then tried to rein in the CIA.

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Happy Birthday Mahamadaleswar Swamiji Gurudev Nityaananda #Magod #Walden & #Kankal #shantimandir

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Safe trip 4 those who travel beyond We will be there too " #pagan " appropriation of allegedly #christian #symbols

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Sick Monkey found on my corner. #sync reflected recent writing by #freeman #fly #culture #meme of degradation

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"88" The
of this
Sparrow phonecia

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I am on a turtle here. And we are just about to tumble. That's what's about the goofy glint in my eye.

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Primary Colors on side of "skyscraper" on 40th St. NYC #Manhattan with little yellow cubicle apartment at the top

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#terroralert smoke screen to cover news cycle w/ static & avoid news of #benghazi ?

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#1984day Peeps in charge killed planet, leaders, opponants & witnesses #murder #psyop Control of #Media #Military

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Disappearing Witnesses #JFK #MLK #RFK killed by #State #Kilgallen #reporter offed

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#1984 death of witnesses to #jfk Sensitivity Analysis proves a JFK Conspiracy #murder

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