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Well that little edit to your tweet couldn't have appeared in a better place...

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Of course, we've always been like this about technology. #iphone5

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Add this to your Facebook profile when you see another 'inspirational' meme.

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Just twigged what that restored Jesus reminds me of!

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I'm ashamed to say I selected this category because I knew it'd make me giggle.

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Top DVD haul!

Dr Pulaski was quite glam in the 60s. #StarTrek

how cool is this? My niece’s brother got her this for her birthday. Don’t think they EVEN KNOW YOU! :)

My interest in this sports story begins and ends with the tongue size and hand gesture. I mean... what?

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Here’s with his Murder Mystery wife . Yes, she is doing that.

I usually hate videos that automatically run on websites, but this guy from is filthy.

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Oh yeah...

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Oops, last #redshirt -hit with a big stick. #StarTrek #TheApple

This guy is shitting himself. #StarTrek #TheApple

#StarTrek #TheApple exploding rocks

#TheApple #StarTrek lightning

In this one episode of Star Trek, #TheApple, here’s the red shirt count… death by plant.

That’s too many mushrooms I need to use up and eat today. I’m a fucking idiot.

Actually, Bing, I have a shelf needs putting up.

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