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In light of my fortuneless cookie, I was allowed to grab another one. The fortune:

Fortune Cookie has no fortune to predict my future!! Does this mean I have no future? Oh shit, I'm dead!

Seems I was wrong, Noshville serves a very LARGE bowl of chicken noodle!!

RJD2 just played Donkey Kong on his MPC with a Mario Puppet, Barrel Puppet and a Video Projector.

Was gonna write, "Holy Slush Puppy, Batman!" but then the shuttle came. This is all I wrote.

YazooDat!! (Abita Root Beer & Yazoo Dos Perros) And It's Gooooood!! #Yazooperbowl

Filling our growler, they almost ran out of Yazoo at Whole Foods. (They're changing the keg.) :D

Shopping Hungry: The Outcome a

Tom Green just crashed Daquri's set!

Belcourt Ave

Why is this douche getting all the credit for the snow in Nashville?! #TheSituation2010

Nachos and 2for1 beer at Melrose. Yum.

For lunch? Chicken Salad & Egg Salad with Toasted Sourdough, Coleslaw, Sandwich Garden & Pickle Spear. #Noshville

A sandwich that reminds me of a friend I have in Memphis.

Taco Truck Tour 2K10!

Clowning around at the Flea Market with .

I too, am with CoCo.

is Doooooooope!!

Just bought $21 worth of beads for tonight. I'm big ballin'!!