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Say goodbye to 2.0 OZ Twix bars. Vending machines downsizing to 1.79 OZ bars. #Ripoff

Imagine if Kim Jong Ill mixed Cream Soda with Fresca and called it "Cidar". It's as gross as you think it is.

The REAL reason I stopped in Marietta, Georgia:

Philosophizin' with the respected, Cornel Ronald West.

OMG, it's literally taking all my willpower not to eat this entire pint of Peanut Butter & Honey / Banana Gelato.

Ahh, shuttle downtime. These compounded "lost" minutes of my life I will never regain. Productivity = bitchiness.

Wonder what First Class offers on this flight?

Now with 100% more picture! RT I didn't know served "The Stuff"!!! #4SqDay #ItsEatingMEEEE

I put the Pro... As(s) in Procrastination.

Interesting Flyers #0001

Thanks for the free sixer of Pale Ale (bottled @ new location) & I filled up growlers of Hop Project & Dos Perros!

on my way!

cool business card for a freelance camera op. Notice the camera.

Bad lessons to teach children (Vol. 1)

Long lost important things now relegated to the back of old children's books.

CoCo's Italian Market serves Maple Bacon Gelato. Go forth and eat it NOW!!

be there soon, will fetch for you. Hang in there! :)

Shoes. OMG. Shoes.

ATTN SWINGERS: Centennial Park has removed it's adult swings. Ruining your otherwise lovely day.

Freakin' Delicious!! Fuji Apple Sorbet & #TraderJoes Cinnamon Grahams