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1948 Plymouth Special de Luxe

Classic Curve by American Restoration at SJBP

I haz the Cute Dog

Spring Poppies at the Conservatory of Flowers

Jacquie Phelan's Joe Breezer Mountain Bike

Robotic telepresence at MacWorld 2013. Kind of spooky?

Mixie fixie bikes at MacWorld 2013. #SF bike

Brooks B17 Imperial in Black

Dropped Suburban

Learned to knit at CAS Academy Nightlife last night - just the orange part

Ibis Bow-Ti has no pivot on the vertical tube, utilizes flexures #bike exhibit at SFO

Civil Air Transport CIA connection in Taiwan like Air America

American Volunteer Group jacket rescue flag

Wright J5A Whirlwind at SFO International Terminal

Teyla in Contemplation #chihuahua #chi

Teyla in Cujo mode #chihuahua #chi

More Quiche Experiments

Free Science Diet cat and dog food at Market & Post #SF

Teyla in Golden Gate Park #SF #chihuahua #chi

Inner Sunset Sundays schedule today Nov 11 at 9th Ave. #SF