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can you spot the "weak spot" on that character that nathan (7) made up...?

can anyone think of a more obnoxious way to conduct a survey? ( ) (wheres the 'opt out'?)

FINALLY watching the adam hughes dvd...

tom enjoying Avengers comic. (HE IS NOT YAWNING!)

turns out ipad cases are VERY expensive by the metre...

jack hamm's eye lady says "don't have nightmares!"

sod it, coriander will do...

holy shitballs. this tastes amazing. god, i hope i can remember how i made it! (wish i had some fresh spring onion tho)

im totally not lightboxing those lines & font to correct them #itotallyam

heres what people did before photoshop: draw REALLY good. #muchaknowsbest

heres a side by side - i started doing this at a4 and quicky realised the inking i wanted could only be done at a3

porcelain pinup

this white is amazing - cant recommend enough. "kuratake white ink 30"

this is shaping ip nicely though.

apparently i might as well be inking with my feet and a large twig today.

i've inked that McMahon piece-it's a beautiful drawing (which i've inked mediocrely - pencils are almost ink proof tho)

two days work (off and on, more off than on). astral void.

dr who toys? check. dinosaur toys ? check? dinosaurs on spaceship is go! #doctorwho

some inking done. no bg on this page at all, so needed to make the figures as interesting as possible...

picked this up in FPI belfast too. can't wait to get some comic drawing chums to fill it with genius...