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Blackpool.... it doesn't beat about the bush.

The Magdalen deer look, well, delicious.

Assembling for Richmond Park 10k run #imustbemad

Cool art installation at Uni of Central Lancashire using pictures from NASA's solar dynamics probes #uclan

just for you

The excellent doing a late night response to Bach's Goldberg Variations at QEH on Monday. Superb.

Not sure it's *quite* fair to suggest the Ideal Home Show is hell on earth. Paying for a ticket would have been.

Not sure what I'm more surprised about, the ipad2 queue in Wimbledon or the fact I'm not in it

I just love Waterloo Bridge

A beautiful afternoon at Glyndebourne, at least until the fat lady sings. Which should be in about 15 minutes time.

A beautiful afternoon at Glyndebourne until the fat lady sings. Which should be in about 15 minutes.

Does everyone think there's a tube strike or something?

Forgot how quaint college rooms could be (together with bathroom up the cold stone staircase)

Mandeville, meet Wenlock #london2012 #olympics

Arrived in Alderney. Have set my watch back by 20 years. Bliss.

Stunning sunset over SW19 this evening

Ah, green tea. The calm before the work storm.

Alas, Israel, I doubt there are many at the moment who think of your 'gems' when they think of you

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