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Redwings and the Grizzlies- 2 favorite teams fighting for the WIN in playoffs tonight! #GRIZZLIES #gritngrind #LETSGO

One of the best billboards I've ever seen. Haha! Immediately sent it to ! #KNOWWHATYOUAREEATING

Look at that stance! #instaPOWERgram

On the road w/ , , & - headed to mtg up w/ for #convergeSE!

Everyday I'm developing a deeper love/burden for this city. Honored that we've been chosen to serve & live here.

While I'm on the rebound, James isn't feeling well due to his 2yr-old molars coming in. Poor guy.

Goodness. Can't express how much I love post-nap convos with Jeremiah while everyone else is still sleeping.

Beautiful sky to celebrate the end of a rainy day. AND another successful day of #FitFat40! BOOM!!

MOUNT UP!!! LET'S RIDE!!! (wonder if tornado chasing will count for my daily exercise?!?) #FitFat40

Yup- judge me. But thank u, Jesus- for Cape Cod all natural chips. Something I can trick my cravings with. #FitFat40

Mmmmm... This might be a delicious 40days after all.... Day 2!! #FitFat40

Goin down here at ! They've done an incredible job saturating the school/environment with THE ORANGE!!

Crazy- the difference in temps right now between CLT & MI!

Guy's night while is out w/ some EC Creative ladies! #LincolnLogsAndShirtlessWrestling

Story time! is a reading machine!!

Just said goodbye to the Civic. Crazy. Seriously- this thing has been a blessing through all seasons.

Apparently Jeremiah wasn't done with his nap. He's sound asleep.

Going down at !! #ElevationEaster

GUYS, GUYS, GUYS... Did u know that there are PURPLE carrots?!? just blew my world up. #purplecarrots

The staff are delivering cake pops & #ElevationEaster invites to city leaders all over #Charlotte!