Paul Hanna


Manager of St Barnabus, community centre in Erdington, cyclist, #CPFC fan etc etc

Photos and Videos by @paul4july

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Leeds is Bostin!

Loving (esp the cafe!)

Saw this & tht of u - u up in Brum for it

Saw this & tht of u - u up in Brum for it

This is definitely a good thing

Its a Christmas!

I will take all the "like" I can lay my hands on right now. Here's my outlook :(

See I listen to you. If I get a p-word I'll be round ur house!

What ? This one?

OMG android in da haus

I now have, quite literally, the Blue Riband of snacks

Trying again!

Whay aye its tha Sycorax man!

oooer its the Vashta Nerada!

So, ummm Kylie wore this ... #DrWhoForDads

Oh noes! Cybermen!


Will the real Kiran plz stand up! Well done !

On the trail but which way now?

This is the life!

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