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Lights for Life!. Help a child with cancer!

  • 1062 days ago via site
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Why I voted for President Obama!!

  • 1071 days ago via site
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Beautiful White House Christmas Tree!

  • 1075 days ago via site
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  • 1075 days ago via site
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The REAL Duck fakers!

  • 1078 days ago via site
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GOP and Tea Party people, pull your heads out of the sand and your eyes OFF FOX NEWS and see the truth in front of you! YOU lived it! You voted for it. You did this!

  • 1095 days ago via site
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Everything Al Gore said is true. The real story, sorry to say, is coming to pass.....

  • 1104 days ago via site
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Republicans BASHED Obama when gas prices hit $4. Why are they screaming bloody murder now that gas prices have dropped to almost $3 ???!!!!!!!!!

  • 1110 days ago via site
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Republican's didn't care when insurance companies canceled health insurance policies before Obamacare!

  • 1110 days ago via site
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President Obama brought back America from the BRINK!

  • 1111 days ago via site
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I wonder when it will be legal to marry a corporation? Soon I hope!

  • 1113 days ago via site
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What we are doing to our planet is a shame! See this and cry!

  • 1114 days ago via site
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Veteran's Day is for the dead,disabled homeless,alive,men and women who went to war. Help where you can!

  • 1118 days ago via site
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Don't blame Pres Obama or ACA for canceled policies! They didn't do it!

  • 1119 days ago via site
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Our Government's thanks to Veterans on Veteran's Day!

  • 1119 days ago via site
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Rand Paul should QUIT after saying this:!

  • 1121 days ago via site
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Sorry kid, I'll protect you as a fetus, or a billionaire, but that's it!

  • 1121 days ago via site
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How dare insurance companies cancel poliies of sub standard insurance?!

  • 1121 days ago via site
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Insurance companies are to blame! They hate having to insure preexisting conditions!

  • 1121 days ago via site
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Religon is for people afraid of HELL! Spiritualty is for people who have already been there!

  • 1121 days ago via site
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