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I'm the director of digital communications for Wake Forest University. I'm also a cyclist, homebrewer and web developer. These tweets are my own.

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Why did I unsubscribe from Sen. Edwards (Va) newsletter? Well, I don't live in VA and apparently I'm on the Sweet List.

My MacBook Air is telling me I have a negative number of items being emptied from the trash. #whatdoesitmean

For at least the next week or 2, I'm ranked No. 1 in NC (9th in US?) in the cat 4 criterium standings. #mobracing

Best map EVAR.


Cameraphone shot of my new CX bike at NAHBS! (Better shot

Just attempted to subscribe to Sunday. In print (a first for me). And this is the result. #fail

Gmail just gave me a blue screen of death. #confused

Bad photo, I know. But look : I found your town!

Lol. Check out the red linked text on this story (in readability)

Roanoke is probably the only place where public transportation signs refer to businesses that have been gone for years.

Fresh from the library. I heard a great interview with the author by Terry Gross a few weeks back.

I would have named it the "SAWCE" experiment.

Saw these historic gas prices on my bike ride this morning.

Last half of the boil! #homebrew

Ah, memories of .NET errors from

Tossing in an ounce of ekg hops for the first wort hops. #fb #homebrew

Hit 154 for mash. This will average out to 152 over the course of 75 minutes. #homebrew #fb

Mash: marris otter, victory and wheat malt. I'll add the crystal 35 and 120 at mash out. #homebrew #fb