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Merry Xmas from the Wintry Wastelands!

YAAAAAAY!! #FirstSnow

"Environmentally Friendly" free CFLs from the power company. #ironyhurts #fucktrees

What to do with an old avocado when you had Cosmic for lunch? Spooky orange cupcakes with avocado icing. #yums

Best buy really has the gall to charge $20 for six 6-year old tv episodes? I mean, really...come ON.

. and I have been pondering what to name her. We decided on 'Amanda.' Happy Spooktober! Re:

After a 48 hour Frontline-imposed banishment from the couch, much excitement can be seen in the young pup. #lazy

Anyone else love these jet engine blow dryers as much as I do? #idoubtthat

Tula has bad knees, knows we nurse that, can ham it up trying to stay on bed, etc. cc:

Are you kidding me? I'm late to class and the evil machine from ferngully is blocking traffic.

Who needs bojangle's? #notme #yesido

What? This is in toys backwards r us?

Finally! Someone's taking care of all this dog shit around our apartment. #natureunleashed

First adventure making roast beast. Had the audacity to question bacon layering. #stupidquestions #easyanswers

Shit, forgot to include the obligatory photo with that tweet of &

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