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Steeped tea during my afternoon walk. It was chilly yet not chilly. #fallweather

Hurr durr.

Bumper cars! Bumper cars! Bumper cars! #letsgototheex

Super Charlie! Defender of the condo, eater of the noms. He CAN haz cheezburger!

Panorama of the patio/hot tub:

Panorama of the patio/hot tub:

Pre made porn stars + hot tub + tablet to watch Netflix on = ♥

Hmm could I rock #Skrillexhair? I kinda want skrillex hair like . Would it be #lindsaywoohurrz then?

I caught him touching himself this morning. Dirty little bugger. #redhanded #redpawed

#marsroverlanding #msl #marslanding ••I am soo psyched to see if the screen would change from this:

Dry Bones, Friday nights + former Savage bathroom.

I'm being followed by a potentially evil balloon! Help!

My reading level lmao. #learningfrench #thisisstilltoohard

Off to meet up with Amy for my beer wench gig. I'm all prettied up for it being 8:30a.

"Look! My pockets stick out like all those girls in their shorts"

Finished work at 3a yesterday.

Cat baby kisses.

A review collage of yesterday with and Neville Moody Potter.