Ronnie del Carmen


Crashed landed here God knows how long now. I am looking for my ship. And there's the matter of being hooked on coffee. The devil bean keeps me close.

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To make myself feel better I drew a Nina & Peg. Peg's the winged, unicorn cat.

And here I thought I was following all this time. He's been working on this little number

Blue Bottle Saturday at the Embarcadero

Enrico & I do a quick stop at Blue Bottle. how about that?

I painted C. F. Muntz as a gift to the esteemed Mr. Plummer a while back. Here's a detail.

Coffee gear. James Robertson handed this to me this morning Dripper V60. Oh, yeah.

Coffe & fountain pen Carl drawing

Happy Burthday, Don. See his Carl house painted

at Cartoon Art Museum in SF.

Saw at Cartoon Art Museum in SF. Art & good talk. Well done , Andrew.

At CAM Paul Pope speaks of work ethic, specically with Batman. "If you fail at's a big deal. People are gonna know." So funny.

Did a Carl drawing on an envelope. Been a while now

Catching up on an entry in one of my journals. This was the one I took to the symphony. Write it down or lose it.

hello to you, Ted & Jamie. All the best! Drawing late night sketch.

That's the Oscar right there for UP! At the Four Seasons. An amazing finale to an amazing movie.

Oscars, baby. So unreal.

Tuxed and in the limo. Here we go. Ralph, Tia. I'm holding the invite

And I want my scalps! Preferably golden, from little men named Oscar. My way to get Oscar buzzed.

The UP story crew on one of our movie research jaunts in the Embarcadero. The best damn story crew ever assembled. I should know.

Our fave sushi place evah, GETA! And I brought my fountain pen. 'Course.