Ronnie del Carmen


Crashed landed here God knows how long now. I am looking for my ship. And there's the matter of being hooked on coffee. The devil bean keeps me close.

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Love their sign. Strike terror in the hearts of lazy parents

at Cafe Murano. Coffee and drawing. What could be better?

Thank you all! Wish I could share these events honoring UP w/ all who made it. They saved me room to play. And, voilĂ !

Joe Kubert at NCS has been in comics for 70 years! A legend in deed.

George Booth of New Yorker fame at NCS drawing dogs and telling stories. Would be lucky grow old as this man.

Gold bikini lounge Leia, lipstick Jabba, martini infused Yoda cover art found in Kinokuniya.

Returned for dinner at Zoetrope to turn in yesterday's menu sketch. Hoping to break into this very exclusive menu art gallery

Cafe Zoetrope menu Nina sketch on Sketchcrawl day.

Coppola Cafe Zoetrope with Enrico on Sketchcrawl Saturday

Friday doodle

A Saturday walk, stumble on this beauty. Still smitten by Shirley MacLaine's Irma La Douce

I'll meet you at the corner of Webster and Batman

Cherry Blossom Festival you can have your portrait done in watercolor. Affordable.

Immigrant Point, San Francisco bay.

To Lego tile infinity and beyond!

Sunday highlight: Lindsey Wagner. Vyvan goads, go up to her! I demured, stayed far. Boyhood infatuations should be left be. A paper chase

Drew my first sketch on it.

iPad day at SF Apple store!

At Wondercon.

Linden Blue Bottle morning.