Ronnie del Carmen


Crashed landed here God knows how long now. I am looking for my ship. And there's the matter of being hooked on coffee. The devil bean keeps me close.

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I feel like an Alien.

Picked up a Leuchtturm 1917. Alternative to Moleskin with table contents, numbered pages

with the talented artists of "Round Robin 2". Escaped work to see them specifically - their work inspires

An espresso foam Nina drawing for the weekend. Some Saturday work to do, get ahead of the storm. A drawing for me.

Two of my favorite cities in one drink: Tokyo Manhattan at Chotto Izakaya

A search for V60 coffee filter becomes a pleasant day on Valencia away from making story reels.

Afternoon jaunt to the Moma bookstore. Too much to want there. Brought this home for end of day cup of joe repose

Coffee at Peet's with Nina

At Chikara's "B-dama" on Piedmont Ave.

An Odopod doodle o' the day. Shot the screen

C3PO heard what you said about him

Cannot leave C3PO to drive. He's a protocol droid!

The last to know: my storyboards from UP is playing in Disneyland?

Guess where I am?

Did not have time to look at work. But I did find some at home. And made new ones

It's a Windsor & Newton travel set. Detail of sketch

At Elmwood Cafe in Berkeley. Sketched Liz at the counter

Hanged framed poster in the living room. From Maui to Berkeley to San Jose and here it is. A fine weekend.

Geoff Darrow! Nicest amazing artist of Matirx and Harball fame. Gave that original art I'm holding. Sweet!