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They say eastern Europeans have the skills to catch and safely cook animals.

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#girlytweet Do I buy this skirt pls? It's a bit more expensive than I'd usually spend...

"I have been kept prisoner for at least two minutes since I've finished my dinner. Send halp"

My view

PIE #pie

At Come and Meet the Folks at The Apple Tree on Farringdon. Awesome, and are a blast

Here is lunch with furry feet to make up for it

Wtf, Farringdon

My lunch had furry feet

Perfect name for a chair manufacturer

Just introduced Part-Time Cat to bacon.

I'll raise you... well not quite RAISE as such


The mystery of where moths come from revealed at last.

Went to the New Improved Peckham Asda earlier. There's a New Improved Polish section


Here it is, in all its glory


This was at a pub were I had lunch. I was going to have some, but went for a stomp instead and GOT LOST

#tweetyourdram you say? The Co-op's own single malt #cheapskate

Not to bring the tone down, but I have a feeling many people don't listen because they think like this: