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Come in Pancake One. Please come in. *static*

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MY BUILDING HAS A #ceilingtitty !!

This sheep seems pretty confident his wool is anti-tickle.

Darker than this?

Idris. I realise now it looks like I'm touching his chest. I was just keeping the page open!

Whereas this is pure class


This is happening.

Finally making something for myself.

YES! Found three trouser hanger thingies! The hardest of all hangers to find.

Licensing restrictions? Oh you mean theft!

Feel like a giant with these tiny bananas!

Argos customer questions.

It's that time again.

Glad I won't be able to wear these trainers next wk (dresscode). Just remembered they're slightly different colours.

This dog just sat next to me in the pub and leaned against me. It was a great moment. But stinky though.