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"That old automobile tire" (1919)

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There's something liberating about Twitter glitches. It's like the last scene of Fight Club, only less homoerotic.

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Everyone's got a Carmageddon joke...

Sorry, no.


Judging by that look on my face, it's clearly working.

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These people on 18th St are thankful the river didn't get to 1,569 ft.

We interrupt this broadcast of perpetual human misery with a photo from Bonnaroo of people smiling.

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Just got a wonderful gift in the mail from , complete with Syd Mead postcard!

Women at 2 and 7. Men at 9.

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I've never been to Maine. What's the longest direct roadtrip within the continental U.S.?

Smokey's promotion to middle management...

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The Cozy Inn with and

My piece (dead tree edition)

At first glance I thought this was a Twitter promotion, but they seem to mean it literally.

You catch'em We'll cook'em

The only Apple Store line I've ever waited in. 8:59am

Me and Grandpa Rasmuson at Norsk Hostfest 1985 (Minot, North Dakota)

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Me and Grandma Rasmuson at Norsk Hostfest in 1985 (Minot, North Dakota)

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Looking through old photos. Found this one of my brother Brian and a yawning dog. #adorable

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