Things Fall Apart. The Center Cannot Hold. Sauntering Vaguely Downwards. ...It's A Small World After All?

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Ohhhh my God. 'A Christmas Story' bobbleheads. #waaant

Portal? #mmmcake

Boberrrrrrrrrry mmmmmmmmm

Christmas decorating chaos~

Christmas decorating chaos~

Mmm dessert~ Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans! <3

This is for . Our feelings on the subject matter can be explained thusly, correct? XD #TonyjustwantsStevescock

There was pie baking happening in my kitchen today. (Not by me, lol) #omnomnom

There was pie baking happening in my kitchen today. (Not by me, lol) #omnomnom

"I thought you were a vampire or something." #JusticeLeague #lulz

Saints Rowwwww~ The Third. o/ #gaming

Finally getting to sit down and read through the comics I bought. o/


New "poster" on my wall. It's actually just an ad I got from Comic Shop News. (Wolverine & Fantomex & Deadpool, oh my!)

My comic collection. Not really that big. Surprising? Y/N?

So turns out the SPCA is maybe 2mins from the comic shop we frequent and seeing as I was sick last Weds... yep.

Baby Bella's not feeling so hot after this morning. :/ Luckily, she's on the good drugs right about now.

Tim is wearing a GL shirt. I find that all sorts of cute. XD #superheroescanbefanboystoo

Wish I could get closer pic but I know they'll fly away. IN ANY EVENT. Birds. Getting their mating song on. #omgadorbs

Mmmmm caramel apples. Can it be Fall forever?