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"My name is LOLiTA. and I'm not supposed to. play. with...BOYS! What?"

Happy Katieryanart Day

I'm directing music video "BOXES" this week y'all

wheelin' & dealin' & schemin'

tulips for <3, (tori soooooon)

this is for my favourite dance partner (you know who you are)

the two best alarm clocks in town

"the snakes on stage in 5...!" bollywood show at the shrine

Go Outside

My all-time favourite 11:11 text

"Daydream Remedy" Dr Bach Stated: it helps you live more actively in the present rather than in the future or your own dreamworld : |

Guess who frosted this cake of chocolatey goodness?! <3 come & get it

<;3surprise.engagement.party for tyne&corey<3

dejeuner date

my hot date:

guesssssss.whooooo.gottttt.A.caallllbackkk: "LUUUCCCYYYY?!!!"

afternoon date w mint mélange et the grand

heart shaped rears w rhinestones down the leggs [sexical delicious et alive] costume sketch parte deux

sexical costume sketch for the show I'm dancing in at KingKing in Hollywood August 2nd! who's comin? It's delicious