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Apparently these will get me around London #fromwhereIstand #paddington

On the red carpet with #GeorgeClooney and the cast of #MonumentsMen

They call it retail therapy but I think I'll need physiotherapy! Shopping

I decided to decorate my room as a surprise for the Browns. They are definitely going to be surprised.

The bit I enjoy most about getting fit is keeping my strength up. I've found marmalade works particularly well

I think some teachers don't know very much because they keep asking questions.

Now I know why Mr. Gruber told me it's always a good idea to test the brakes first

For some reason nobody seems very keen to let me lend a paw with the ironing

The only problem bears have with driving is reaching the pedals and wheel at the same time

I think I may have pulled the wrong lever on Mr. Brown's lawnmower by mistake ...

I find marmalade can be very useful especially when I need to stick something back on in an emergency

I like to keep my paws firmly on the ground but sometimes the ground has a mind of its own

Helping to do the laundry is more complicated than it looks

They say a problem shared is a problem halved, especially if you share it over a mug of cocoa.

I think I'm in trouble again. #AdventureAwaits

I don't think hammocks are designed for bears. #AdventureAwaits

I sometimes wonder what would have happened if Mr and Mrs Brown hadn't found me on Paddington Station

Marmalade is finished but I'm afraid the jar got a bit sticky. Am I allowed to enter it?

The best part of making #marmalade is testing it to see if it sets. I think this needs testing again.

Mrs. Bird says my #marmalade has reached a rolling boil. I must be careful not to singe my whiskers.

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