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"So you mean to tell me you just happened to find a cure for Ebola a week after the first white person caught it?"

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"Ehrensache, um die Freiheit zu verteidigen" Guantanamo Bay

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Some criminals. Oh and the Krays.

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God your right those Hamas guys are terrible I mean who would do this? Oh wait ................

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Trouble with you lot is that you think too much. Don't worry we are going to eat your brains for breakfast.

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. Hmmmm? Bloke using photoshop?

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Has anyone else noticed that popular children's entertainer Sooty,shown here with his international affairs adviser Sweep (right) is one of the Worlds most astute political commentators?

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How about this? Israeli attack on Gaza as a game of Battleships. A hit in every square. #gazaunderattack

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Self explanatory. #Gazaunderattack

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In these days of video phones where are the verified pictures of rockets in Gaza hospitals? #gazaunderattack

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The insanity of Israel, this cartoon sums up their cognitive dissonance. #gazaunderattack

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Of course Israel suffers like America from #Exceptionalism "we're better than everyone else."Hubris taht will backfire big time. #gazaunderfire #gaza #Palestine #Israel

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When ever some Noob comes onto me about #Israel I show them this map.Palestinians only have 11% of their land left. #gazaunderfire

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This! #Israel #Palestine #Gaza #Gazaunderattack

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"How many battles did God win for the Muslims before I came... that is, before God determined that I should come?" Saladin

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Name Ed #Milliband
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Hominidae
Era Plasticine

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What you should know about. What the "News" tells you. You can't say "I didn't know anymore!!"

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