NFL obsessed in a healthy way. Packer obsession less than healthy. Progress is slow but I'm making progress. I love oil & mock things. RT doesn't=endorsement

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Happy friday to me, happy friday to me...Sorry, finally found another bottle made my day:)

Hey did you trademark this or am I safe from litigation?

tell him the back deck-Canada edition offer is open ended:)

Boston Pizza for the win.

#swoc ?

Trying to decide, throw away or save just for #TBWII #jorts

Last shot at bribing . If an old Muay Thai shirt already sans sleeves doesn't work...

You know its football season when you start putting food for kids In bowls that belong on plates:)

I don't think I've ever got everything wrong before. Maybe , just maybe was right:)

Reminds me all you fancy beer people should try 1 of these if you ever see it "The end of the world"

hey , here's the spreads for the weekend;)

Is it just me or does the mortician on this pack not look a little like Mike McCarthy?

you mean like this? Hog wash! 2 dollar bet gives 200 if I hit 4 FG games:)

That moment u realize you brought your lunch 2 work in one of these 2 your blue collar job. #dadlife

I got a slip from The Venetian today, only paying 4:1

Speaking of wine , at no one in particular, this stuff is really good. AND cheap, even here!

If anyone needs me, I have a near frozen bottle of bourbon to nip at. Think boy thoughts 4 tomorrow.

Yard sale raised me 320$ for #TBWII beer fund and a copy of Friday night Lights. Not too shabby:)

Proof I was once 180 # . A long, l-o-n-g, time ago. The shit you find getting ready for a yard sale.

Man enough to use my 7 yr old daughter's purple speaker :) 'k sorry, I'll try and stop now:) #jacked