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Happy 2nd Monthsarry oppa ♥♡ i cnt make a video so i made gif instead >_< its still bad.. so

Happy Kiss Day oppa kkk~ :3 #첫사랑 #애프터스쿨

Happy Kiss day everyone kkk~ /pout attack/ #첫사랑 #애프터스쿨

Happy Kiss day everyone kkk~ #첫사랑 #애프터스쿨

BAD GIRL AFTER SCHOOL wohooo~ M!Countdown backstage ^^~ w/o me T_T #첫사랑 #애프터스쿨

Chicken for lunch guysss ouo

Happy 2nd Anniv dear >.< Longlast with me and dnt get bored with me ne >.<

Good morning everyone! ^^~ have a nice day yo~ Dnt forget to eat ur bfast :D

three handsome guy xD

orz this ahjusshi, u are the one who should tream me ice cream, but i'm a kind girl, so, enjoy it! ^^~~

for my lovely sister buat temen tdr , smg juju suka ya ^^~ xoxo

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i'm a kind unni, so here! Ur jelly, take one ne, the other is mine xD

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Uee unni and JungAh unni update for Playgirlz Japan ^^~~ kawaii~

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My cellphones case ouo pretty rite? x3

Uee unni Me2Day update with her birthday's cake ouo

this is ur teddy bear unni <3 hope u like it ><~ i love u our chubby unnir :3

Happy 1st anniv ^^ love u scorpion boy ^^~

oppa babo, read this u.u »

here is ur pizza ^-^ share it with other member ne :)

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