Andy Runton


I'm a cartoonist who writes and draws stories about Owly, a kind-hearted little vegetarian owl who's always on the lookout for new friends and adventures.

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Owly fan, Megumi Matsuki just sent me pictures of the Ultimate Owly Pumpkin! It's Incredible!!! ^,^

Mac OS X Lion restore will take... 100 hours and 1 minute! Oh, okay... so I'll just come back... next week? :P

Dusted off my seldomly used model making skills to convert a nerf gun into River Song's blaster for my fiancé :)

A beautiful Baltimore sunset to wrap up an amazing Baltimore Comic-con thanks to all the wonderful Owly fans! ^,^

"Happy is still legal in all 50 states." ? :/ Jell-O catchphrase disturbs me on a fundamental level...

I've started adding color to my "Owly As..." drawings. ^,^ Here's one from Heroes Con, with Wormy in drag again ;)

Another Doctor Owly! This time with K-9 and Wormy as Sarah Jane! We miss you Mistress! :,) #TimeGate

At #TimeGate in Atlanta, having a blast dressing Owly up as The Doctor, w/ Wormy in drag as Amy! ^,^

I just saw it Zack! You did an absolutely amazing job on the #MeCAF poster! The Owly Idol is perfect! ^,^

I came upon this rather interesting STOP sign modification in my old neighborhood... "Word to your Motha" ;)

Story Time at Little Shop of Stories starts soon! ^,^

Poor little drowned rat ;) it's amazing how unfluffy Cairn terriers get when wet. #stillunhappydog

Tom's icon says, "the beard stays, you go!" ;) #ithinkillgrowabeard #kidsinthehall #twit