The bastards are out to kill you.

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Discipling Straight White Male around Europe. Amsterdam. #spacecake

Singlehandedly discipling SWM around Europe #Bruges

Rate my bird

Shit. Any ideas?

You'd think they'd have bigger fish to fry

What's that? A pea fritter.

The Virgin Mary riding a guinea pig out of some books. What could be more right or natural?

My £7.50 keyring. Good investment #arcade

"What's the water like here?" "Don't go in."

What's occurin?

Self help book? Or train track? *Weighs up self value* *throws self help book on train track, advances to pub*

HEDGEHOG. Best day ever

... Is this the correct angle?

Fucking. Yes. *collapses full of splinters*

Jesus was a carpenter. So is Mary

Flatpack wardrobe. This should be fun / hell on earth

"Look," I say reasonably. "Fuck off, cunt."

A coked-up Rage's new hour-long bollocks music single. '"It's called "birth"', he says. Of course it fucking is.

It appears I enjoyed this description so much when I first read this that I both turned down the page AND penned it. #KYF

Chilling with Cagefighter. More troops en route.. Sweet lazy Sundays

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