Handsome 6-year old dachshund living with son Otis in the suburban backwaters of Las PiƱas. #1 Dog, #1 Friend! Our DoxieMafia names are Ottovitelli & Sonny.

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Mournfully clean #tribeofotti

#tribeofotti T sleeping formation

The puppies are so naughty today!

The pack order

Three little hounds napping together

Three little hounds napping together #tribeofotti + the beagle

Do you think Chase is enjoying?

Poor Otis! He was sunbathing and Chase walked over and ruined the ambience!

I have an ouchie on my cheek, hooman thinks from thorny bougainevillas :(

Our cousin chase got his diploma today! Hooray!

Otis and I were pack dogs today! My son is bigger than me already.

I think the chow chow is looking at me.

This was our pack walk.

Frank is walking Otis.

Hooray! We joined the pack walk this morning and we behaved! #TribeofOtti

Hooman tried to give this pussycat belly rubs and it tried to bite her. Boo pussycat!

Good night, furiends. #tribeofotti

What? We can't go in until I have pooped?! I'd like to talk to your manager.

Is Otis practicing to be a setter?

Guten Morgen!