Handsome 7-year old dachshund living with son Otis in the backwaters of Las PiƱas. #1 Dogs, #1 Friends! Our Doxie Mafia names are Ottovitelli & Sonny.

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Zali in beach sunshine is
Gold Rush, while the app thinks Koko is, well, black.

Tawny Otis

According to this app, the color of my fur is toasted chestnut, while Otis is tawny!

this is from last night.

Saying hello to Chelsea.

It started to rain during our walkie. Here we are taking cover! #threehounds

We are merging our brain power. #tribeofotti

Napping & for some reason we both have our heads off the bed this morning

And this is funny because??

Nashman is carrying Chase.

Sooo lazy.

Waiting (im)patiently for our walkie

Is there such a thing as middle dog syndrome? Poor Otis!

Chase is a handy addition to the pack. He can reach things we can't.

Naughty chase perched on a chair to get his toy.

'Hooman, the pups are being naughty again.'

Good night! *otti kisses* #tribeofotti