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Well that's depressing.. RT : if I were reincarnated as a shoe, these would be it.

*Drake/Rick Ross voice*

don't unfollow me.

#NP: Truly Yours 2

I want you so bad.

you're telling me that this chart made from scientifically mathematic equations is lying? I don't think so.

These are facts, I'm not just making it up.. after I took all the variables and made an equation I got these results!

Chart of my studies in correlation of Packer fandom to hotness.

Hilary Duff

Rocco and Steve just said the Celtics leprechaun must have a "a dick and a half"..

Ask me about my T-Rex

First This ===>>

Can't sleep. Thinking I'll just stay up til sunrise so I can watch it rise over Lake Michigan. Google says @ 6:16.

: Who's grabbing the retro mutombos lol” a must cop

little boy

Deandre: Me
Knight: You