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That TV shot of Steve Sidwell and Kevin Phillips was good.

Trying to work out whether I should buy this, or Hoover my eyeballs out for fun.

Humankind has reached the peak of baby clothes design (Thanks to )

You’ve knocked it out of the park! We love them :)

This is a 400Lum (I think) LED torch. Bad cycling beam pattern but much brighter than regular light

This morning a driver jumped this as the gates closes. When the train had gone by I passed the same car after 40yds

Getting real now! #fullterm

“People often cycle on the pavements on Oxford Road!”. Why yes, yes they do. #rdguk


I’m driving the bus! I’m driving the bus!

Hi, could something please be done about this apparently abandoned site in Reading? An eyesore.

Hi. Can something please be done with your apparently abandoned site on Oxford Rd, Reading?


Free daily mail? What a ripoff

Randomly found a 100 lire coin in the foreign change pot. This is worth about a million quid now, yes?

Not entirely sure what’s going on here on our street, but it looks complicated.

Yes, that 750ml bottle of Evian really is $7.50 plus 18% “restocking” plus sales tax. I’ll pop out to the shops, then

Yep, it’s festival time in Reading

Found a guide to the internet from 2000. This new upstart searchengine looks interesting, but can it displace Hotbot?

Not saying hotel gym machine stats are horseshit, but this’d be an ave gradient of about 46%. #mountaineer