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VP at +GMMB. Favorites are fine, but retweets are sweeter.

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This conference call is golden.

This is an -mergency.

DCA > BOS, where this’ll get 89% better.

Just cooked the hell out of these steaks. So get your #FF s ready y’all.

To top it off, a bird just dropped a hunk of bread on my car.

Are these organic? Came in our organic box, but no organic label. Also, British Columbia?

This annoys me.

Sometimes I feel insecure about my copywriting. Not today. Thanks, Starbucks.

Fuck Nantucket red.

11 hours from Old Lyme CT to Washington DC. But if you were lucky enough to be near B’more at sunset? Worth it:

Dude, iPhone, why you crying wolf? Now I’ll just ignore you when the dirty bomg goes off.

#DC getting some Ghostbusters clouds.

All you need. (And I don’t buy that you’ve never heard “Jump.”)

You are not alone. Gingham gang at Obama’s media firm, . #embarrassing

Does this seem counter-intuitive to anyone else?

High-water mark in my comms career: #Bachelor

Is the #Apple #Genius for #Apps algorithm really based on one previously purchased app? Not purchasing patterns?

Really weird headline from . This could be said about conservative reception of anything #Obama says.

Finally someone recognizes true greatness.

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