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Has watched wildlife from Spitsbergen to Antarctica. Now watches his garden helped by dozy 3-leg cat. Admits to supporting Chelsea while cat likes Canaries.

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As I predicted yesterday, it did turn out to be the best night of the week for #moths Without compare. #nonpareil

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First Colletes hederae of the year but very mobile. Watch for buffy-orange fringes. #IvyBee #IVB

  • 966 days ago via site
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Lots parasitic flies about - like this spectacular conopid, Phyocephala rufipes. Lays eggs in Bombus spp.

  • 987 days ago via site
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#Bees do it. Bombus lapidarius in cop.

  • 1003 days ago via site
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And, this is why I have been humming the Moody Blues all day: White Satin #moth

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Another Elephant (hawkmoth caterpillar) in the room. Green one this time.#moths

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Elephant in the room. Hawkmoth caterpillar, that is. #moths

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Good garden insect find: Honeysuckle Sawfly, Zaraea faciata.

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Micro #moths, huh. Tough, obscure, dull, need a microscope... Epiblema foenella

  • 1018 days ago via site
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Bee parasite conopid fly Sicus ferrugineus waiting for a tasty Bombus to lay its eggs on. Nasty.

  • 1036 days ago via site
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Cosmopterix orichalcea: a superb micro-moth from an epic catch two nights ago. This is a leaf/stem miner on rushes.

  • 1043 days ago via site
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More on water beetle mass emergence: many are being snapped up by Pond Skaters. Carnage! Anyone else getting these?

  • 1057 days ago via site
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It's raining...water beetles! Mass emergence from garden pond this mornnig. Coming down on coffee cups, glass surfaces, car, etc. Will try and i/d later on.

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Great day for #bees. Here is Chelostoma florisomne: the one that goes to sleep curled up in flowers.

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The Andrena labiata before I let it go. Sphecodes-like red abdomen, white clypeus on male. A nice #bee.

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Andrena labiata on Germander Speedwell. Got one shot before it flew! #solitary #bee

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Good cuckoo #bee in garden: Nomada fabriciana female with its diagnostic #ManCity away strip black n red antennae

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Thanks. Finally got 'em!

  • 1068 days ago via site
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Three planets! Gotcha Mercury! Venus lower right in tree, Jupiter left over tel pole, Mercury top right over Venus. Only the second time I've seen Mercury. Thanks to astro-tweeps for all the directions last two nights. Was way too late last night.

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Fox or vixen?

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