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Back from the dead apparently. Got to love Cosmic Regeneration. Artist. @MelTheMedic owns me.

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#OversoulSuggestion Nuba The Soul Summoner!

Element: Light with Dark (Sacrifice) ...OR... Chaos

Backstory: Found in the ancient ruins of Nubala is the Staff of Souls. With that staff any soul could be summoned from beyond the grave. Luckily Nuba guards this great power... but he is still a baby Guardian. In the staff's place Nuba practices with a stick and some souls he found floating around the world. In time though... he will be able to open the portal to Soul World.

Was bored an doodling and ended up liking this concept so I ran with it.

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Din Feteom... The Paradox of the Apocalypse. One of the few actually evil Paradoxs...

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#OversoulContest Nganga The Wicked Brew!

A Nganga is an evil spirit trapped inside a pot or cauldron. (This learned from Oddites) This particular Naganga broke free from it's imprisonment and is now it's own master, ready to reap souls for it's next spell!

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#oversoulcontest Aorta the Cardiac Killer!

The feeling of dread and despair of a lovers affair can hurt... But the Cardiac Killer will make "amends" with those who have betrayed you. Breaking a heart metaphorically can be tough. But having yours broken literally hurts much, much worse.

Element: Chaos (If not possible, then Dark or Light)

Player Controlled: A heart break hurts, but this will hurt much worse.
Enemy Controlled: Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.

Possible Attacks:
1 Hit: Charge with dagger
3 Hits: Charge with dagger, and uses claw "thingy"
5 Hits: Tentacles come out of the hole in his chest and over take the enemy
Shield: Wall of tentacles or a force field with a broken in two heart on it

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This is awesome. That is all.

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Merry Vetur everyone!

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The Dark Drow!

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Here's Macian Version. XI8 with some updates. He's also known as Macian X.

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MFW: I have to level up all my OverSoul characters to 10.

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The opening arch way for my new house.

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Glub, glub RAWR

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A project I'm working on for English. Bonus points if you can guess which Doctor Who thing it's from.

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Darkness consumes the sky as the eerie darkness of the Tenabradin is awoken. #VoT

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Some sexy concepts for you guys! It's for a new game I'm working on and this will be the style.

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Naked man. Have fun.

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As you can see the newer design is more purple... That's just because I'm focusing on the darkness element of the Lycomancers.

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Working on the new SS base. Same pose as the old one just layered better with better shading.

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Random sword I drew at school. "The Dragon Dancer"

Here are the old Lycomancer pieces, side by side with the new. Also the new bade is an actual Fang Sword... which to me feels more accurate.

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A preview of some of the re-done Lycomancer pieces. Up top you'll notice 2 new studs. The dog tag actually has words on it this time and the Lycomancer crest was just reshaped a little and decked out with the new studs. Also I re-did the sword because it was mostly symbols anyway. The new Lycomancer will look a lot more like the Dark Moon Lycomancer, because I'm trying to focus the class on using "Dark" attribute powers.

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