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can you do this a lot this year please? :)

I tried to take a picture of my cat...she wanted to smell the camera #ohwell #whatacutie



Sparkle sparkle

What a difference new laces and hand sanitizer can make; good as new!

I find this to be very funny

Eating my yogurt

Furry white cat, furry white rug #ohwell

Hahahaha my brother doesn't seem to happy with this rumor

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA we are such weirdos

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA we are such weirdos

Just my little baby sleeping on me

finally got around to it

Am I in your way? Yes? Oh, okay, then I won't move.

Yea he totally missed it

Those arm muscles

Just a cow on my cat no big deal

You like Krabby Patties, don't you Squidward?