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And here, my friends, is where I pulled the King of Chaos itself from my Gold Series 4: Black Luster Soldier: Envoy of the Beginning.

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My 2nd LC3 pulls:

Rares: Black Illusion Rituals, D.D. Assailant, D.D. Warrior, Ectoplasmer, and Hand of Nephthys.

Ultra Rares: Breaker the Magical Warrior, Bottomless Traphole, Mind Control, Smashing Ground, and Royal Decree.

Secret Rares: Pyramid Turtle, Two-headed Rex, Black Horn of Heaven, Dark Paladin, and Left Leg of the Forbidden one.

Super Rares: 2 Creature Swap, 1 Fusion Gate, Chimera the Flying mythical beast, and Berfomet.

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There, had to use another paint activity, because .NET doesn't work for some reason...

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*Reuploads* Going to go through my rarities from my LC3 pulls.

Rares: Relinquished, Dark Magic Curtain, Malice Doll of Demise, Big Eye, and Multiply.

Secret Rares: Solemn Judgment, Dark Hole, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Machina Sniper, and Mirage of Nightmares.

Super Rares: Mystical Shine Ball, 2 Polymerizations, Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys, and Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast.

Ultra Rares: Breaker the Magical Warrior, Bottomless Traphole, Needle Worm, Monster Reborn, and Stronghold the Moving Fortress.

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"Mark of the Monkey" = reaction of the Monkey.

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Godzilla in Domino City.

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My face when Karma shows up.

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Ok, so here's my Suggestion stuffs for DF. Scimitar: Blade of Bejeweled Sands. Dagger: Fangs of the Bejeweled Sands. Staff: Secret Staff of the Bejeweled Sands. (I MIGHT not include the helmet, but if it does: Hood of the Bejeweled Sands)

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Answer the question.

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Poor old Tristan...

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I have to feel sorry for Yugi in this part...

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This is Wargoth's reaction when we angered him, and it's not a pretty one...

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I now call it the Phoenix DoomKnight, just my opinion: I like this set.

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Sorry, couldn't resist on Exploder Dragon. XD

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Epic glitch. <3

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This has got to be the weirdest...

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Geo's contest, who needs to fight for the throne when they can't even lift the ruler? Also made Geo some sun glasses because Albert Wesker approves it.

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