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Don't try to get on my good side, I no longer have one!

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So I'm just going to call this the festival of 3000

Just for you

I was shocked (SHOCKED) to learn he's selling his cd.

These tourists are so excited to get the NYC experience.

It's 5 o'clock and sunset is three plus hours away.

Well at least he's honest. #OnlineDatingIsTheDevil

RT : Ladies RT with a picture of you in your favorite dress or skirt.

I wasn't aware Chipotle was the pre-prom hotspot. Not sure I'd want to smell like grilled meat but ok.

Chick-Fila is the new donut shop

for the record

RT : Post a side by side of your natural hair curly & straight.

I'll b in DR in May cleverly hiding my hands like this

meanwhile I'm repping the short and stubby

RT : Twitpic a picture of you as a kid....

There is zero chance this happens and I don't end up in jail

RT No_Cut_Card: Ladies RT with a picture of you wearing your favorite dress.

This young lady needs a role model.

Jewel tones were made for her skin. Werk Lupita.

you mean like...

The lane next to me. It's officially frozen. Only 4 miles to go (of 6). Send food.

4:45 let's see how long this journey takes *sigh*