-Fluent in Sarcasm & Profanity -Lovable asshole Looking for my soulmate through these eharmony and christianmingle profiles.

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Time to call the backup

Mannn whoever wife is set on life on getting fed. This bitch threw TF down. On a Friday though

Girl you crazy RT : Wow I had so much faith in Wiz and Amber. Smh.

Ok so idk if any of yall play Guess the Emoji but aye, what is this? I'm all out of hints & still have no clue

Pre-game face.

And ima just end it with this.

So my friend sent me this

maybe I'll see you at the airport when I'm coming and you going

For all the people who live in the DMV

Drunk w/ my baaaaabyyyyy

She just killed my buzz

Wow. This is beautiful. Now that's a man who loves his woman...

I'm smiling but I'm really praying for a tan. Pigment don't exist around these parts

& she got AIDS RT : When you boutta cum & she say she on birth control

I almost called you out your name.

LMFAO I'm so over yall today

I just want some buffalo wings


Ladies can we retire these dresses already or nah?